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City Climate change goals & background

Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions emitted by City of Winnipeg government sources in 1998 and 2013 (blue bars). Green line is the target of 20% below 1998 levels, set in 1998 and red line is 40% below 1998 levels, set in 2009. Data reconstructed from pages 1-6 of the Status Report on the Corporate Climate Action Plan delivered to the Executive Policy Committee on June 29, 2016. Image constructed by Dylon Martin.

I have an opinion article out in The Uniter on the City of Winnipeg’s climate change goals. It argues that the City hasn’t made greenhouse gas emission reductions a priority and that they should be a priority for various reasons. I also sketch some ways I think the City could move in a lower carbon direction.

Many of the facts and figures relating to the City of Winnipeg’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the final report of the City’s Climate Change Working Group, presented at the February 8, 2017 Executive Policy Committee (EPC) meeting. Other City government emission figures were obtained from the Status Report on the Corporate Climate Action Plan presented to the EPC on June 29, 2016.

National figures for Canada flooding come from the Globe and Mail‘s online feature summarizing scientific research on climate models, “A matter of Degrees“.

The particularly alarming projections regarding cereal crops are in the Global Environmental Change journal, Vol. 14 (2004) p. 53–67 “Effects of climate change on global food production under SRES
emissions and socio-economic scenarios“. Specifically, look to page 58.

Article: City needs to rise to the challenge of climate change

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