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The Metro

In 2017-2018 and 2020 onwards, I have written as a West Broadway community correspondent in the Canstar local paper The Metro.

Frequent, consistent bus routes necessaryThe Metro, September 2020

Understanding the changes in West BroadwayThe Metro, August 2020

Renters in West Broadway need helpThe Metro, July 2020

Cornish Library is a neighbourhood gemThe Metro, February 2018

Giving central Winnipeg new lifeThe Metro, January 2018

Community groups spark local action on housingThe Metro, December 2017

Clear sidewalks essential for pedestrians|The Metro, November 2017

Will rooming houses survive rising values?|The Metro, October 2017

On moving to West Broadway|The Metro, September 2017

The Uniter

Between  September 2010 and March 2011 I wrote some stories, as a volunteer, for The Uniter. Six years later, in early 2017 I wrote some more articles for The Uniter as a volunteer. For fall 2017 I was the City Reporter for the paper.

Restrictive land use a set back to climate justiceThe Uniter, June 2020

Gearing up for Eastern Rapid Transit CorridorThe Uniter, January 2018

Support group for LGBTQ MuslimsThe Uniter, January 2018

Favourite local politicianThe Uniter, November 2017

Favourite political momentThe Uniter, November 2017

Favourite local social media presenceThe Uniter, November 2017

Daniel McIntyre and St. Matthews changingThe Uniter, November 2017

The purpose of walkwaysThe Uniter, November 2017

Past, present and future of Winnipeg curling clubsThe Uniter, November 2017

Opinions on Portage and Main differThe Uniter, November 2017

The role of policing in WinnipegThe Uniter, November 2017

Disease and low diversity puts trees at risk| The Uniter, November 2017

Ownership and handling of cultural materials in collections contestedThe Uniter, October 2017

St. Vital School gets new field| The Uniter, October 2017

A Hub for Francophone ResourcesThe Uniter, October 2017

Candidates run in UWSA ByelectionThe Uniter, October 2017

Sustainable commuting with new app|The Uniter, October 2017

Hydro rate hikes a risk management strategy|The Uniter, October 2017

Why do fringe banks fill the inner city?|The Uniter, October 2017

New playing field for cabs|The Uniter, October 2017

Provincial survey may not be representative|The Uniter, September 2017

Condo uptick in Winnipeg|The Uniter, September 2017

City brownfield strategy taking time|The Uniter, September 2017

Indian and Metis Friendship Centre plans to go on|The Uniter, September 2017

City seeks cyclist feedback for new greenway|The Uniter, September 2017

Does sprawl take away from the downtown?|The Uniter, September 2017

Wesmen soccer team striving to make playoffs|The Uniter, September 2017

Have approaches to the homeless changed?The Uniter, September 2017

Uber not a silver bullet for Winnipeg’s taxicab issuesThe Uniter, March 2017 

Public spaces can build community, advocates sayThe Uniter, March 2017

City needs to rise to the challenge of climate changeThe Uniter, February 2017

The pitfalls of poor rental historyThe Uniter, March 2011

Streeter: Minimum wage increaseThe Uniter, October 2010

Local news briefsThe Uniter, October 2010

High school dropouts and university graduates with dual degrees mingle at City HallThe Uniter, September 2010

The Herald

From May 2016 to August 2017 I was a community correspondent for Elmwood in the Canstar local paper The Herald.

Getting to know Elmwood|The Herald, August 2017

Station 8 Cafe aims to become community hub|The Herald, July 2017

Couple studied the paranormal
The Herald, June 2017

Potent lessons on food accessThe Herald, May 2017

Concordia ER closure stirs debateThe Herald, April (website)/May (print) 2017

Blaikie hosts Elmwood housing forumThe Herald, March 2017

Renters find housing scarce in ElmwoodThe Herald, March 2017

Glenelm residents gather togetherThe Herald, February 2017

Eastern transit corridor study to startThe Herald, January 2017

Riverwood Food Bank fills needThe Herald, December 2016

Planning for Elmwood’s future| The Herald, November 2016

Glenelm man says area needs a plan| The Herald, October 2016

Discussing variations of electoral reform| The Herald, September 2016

Recent household trends in ElmwoodThe Herald, August 2016

Examining Elmwood’s population declineThe Herald, July 2016

Reno plans revealed for East End CentreThe Herald, June 2016

Elmwood needs a grocery store| The Herald, May 2016.

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